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About Us


Our Business Excellence and Enterprising Vision

Since 1931

The Business house of the M/s M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu established in park Town, Chennai by  Shri M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu in the Year 1931, has complete the Platinum Jubilee with resounding business entrepreneurship spanning over a period of 8 decades. The Sole Proprietor and benefactor of this business concern, Shri. M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu was a practical visionary who with his zeal and commitment promoted his business in Stainless Steel and Aluminium ware during the formative decades of its establishment. The founder’s board vision is reflected in the rapid expansion of its business extending to other Cities and States. During the World War II, the military were experimenting with rust proof metal for the barrels of the gun and this resulted in the production of Stainless Steel. The founder had the vision of using this metal for manufacturing household utensils. Initially, the public were rather reluctant to buy and use Stainless Steel wares for their household purpose as it was an alloy of iron. Our founder infused confidence on the minds of the general public by selling the Stainless Steel wares to them on credit and requested them to pay the cost of vessels only after they fully satisfied with the product and its utility value. He faced great hardship in marketing these Stainless Steel Vessels but over a period of time, the Stainless Steel products gained immense popularity and was even considered as a good of customers. Today, Stainless Steel production has grown by leaps and bounds and its utility value as ‘Home Need Products’ have come to stay.


Today, the business house of M/s. M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu is the hallmark for selling quality products of a wide range of a wide range of utensils from “A to Z”. Which adorn every home and specially modern kitchen room with all its sophistry, Generations of customers throng the shop for it offers its customers satisfaction and service after sales. Our Commitment to provide our customers with quality products in infinite varieties has earned us the good will of the discerning public.


Late Shri. M.E. Devarajan, the only son of the Late Shri. M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu and the Sole Proprietor of this business concern had further strengthened the business house in a rapid way enlarging the horizons of business dealerships in electrical gadgets, audio, video equipment, home theater, music system, air-conditioners, high class office and home furniture, etc. focusing on export business to countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and Sri Lanka.


As we embark on a new era of further expansion, we are striving to provide our customers a total shopping experience of Convenience and comfort by proving better display of products in a modem expanded showroom to showcase the entire range as well as to expand our range of products to address the increasing needs of our customers. In this regard, we have opened a new 10,000 sq.ft showroom exclusively to display the entire range of hotel and catering equipment for the hospitality Industry.

Completing Platinum Jubilee herald’s a landmark in the annuals of our business concern, which through the passage of time, has earned a reputation in consonance with the Sole Founder Shri M. A. Ethirajulu Naidu’s Vision viz.. “To extend commitment to customer care and satisfaction”.


May we solicit the continued patronage of our esteemed and valued clientele, as we march toward the centennial year of our business concern.



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